Develop your team’s Service Design & User Research capabilities

I can help your team to grow and polish their research skills, to expand their toolkit of service design methods in two ways:

1. A dedicated group training session.

In a hands-on workshop (2 days), your team can practice a range of qualitative research techniques, covering the following topics:
– Choosing the right method for your challenge
– Contextual interviews & observation
– Mobile Ethnography
– Co-creation activities & exercises within interviews
– Analysis and research deliverables
– Service Prototyping for user testing
– User testing & concept validation

Request a quote for training, based on your team’s size and particular needs

2. Coaching on a particular project

If you are starting a research project — but maybe lack the in-house expertise on user research — I can help your design and product development team. Together we will perfect their interview guides and planned activities in order to achieve the best possible results. I can join your field trips either as a lead researcher or support for your team. There is not better path to learning other than doing it and having an experienced professional to guide you in the process.

Courses I teach

Custom in-house training

I design custom training courses for companies based on their needs. For example, how to become more effective interviewers, how to analyse the entire customer experience or how to validate a business idea etc. Let’s discuss your team’s challenges to understand those needs.

Service Design Thinker with XDi

I collaborate with the Experience Design Institute (XDi) to deliver the course “Certified Service Design Thinker” , a 3-day practice based course for professionals, covering all the basics tools and methodologies in Service Design. Currently available in Germany only.

Service Design @ IED

I teach a Service Design course as part of the MA in Design Management, at the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona. I also run seminars as part of the Service Design Summer School at IED, designed for professionals in mind.

“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back”

– Chinese proverb

Feel free to contact me about developing team training sessions, workshop facilitation and public speaking opportunities at conferences and events.