Design follows insight


Design is a problem solving process. 

Insights frame our understanding of “the problem to solve”. 

Research draws the path for the design process to follow.

Understanding people’s needs and behaviour is key for small and large organisations alike, regardless of their industry. Being able to translate this understanding into a design solution, a process improvement, or something that makes the world a better place — is a challenge I love solving.

How I can help:


I collaborate with startups as an extended team member to conduct user research and validate MVPs. I also work on specific short assignments (e.g. customer centered workshops). I deliver:

  • Validation and insights on new tech & services from a customer point of view
  • In-depth expert review of the end to end customer experience, across touchpoints
  • Coaching sessions with the team & in-house training on user research methods
  • Design Sprint facilitation

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Non-profit, social & development organisations

I understand the challenges involved — cultural and organisational ones — when working in challenging environments and when the stakes are high. I love working on projects that aim to make the world a better place and I bring my:

  • Hands-on approach to carry design research in challenging environments
  • Cultural sensitivity when dealing with vulnerable participants 
  • Leadership and guidance for an inclusive innovation process
  • Experience in workshop facilitation and stakeholder management

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Design Consultancies

I collaborate with design consultancies to support and guide their teams on challenging client research and service innovation projects.

  • Project support as Design Research / Service Design Lead
  • Rich experience working across multiple industries internationally
  • Client management skills
  • Human Computer Interaction expertise for innovative projects (e.g. design for AI driven experiences)

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Innovation labs in large organisations

I work with Innovation Teams within large organisations as an extended team member, to bring a fresh perspective and value to their innovation process:

  • Hands-on approach & unmatched user research expertise
  • A rich toolkit of methods and approaches for systemic problem-solving
  • Understanding the challenges of driving innovation in complex environments
  • Facilitation of Design Sprints, workshops & training sessions on user research

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Who am I

I am Yanna Vogiazou, a service designer & researcher with 12+ years of experience and a strong foundation in human-computer interaction and user research.

I help my clients explore the right kind of problem to solve, identify new business opportunities, validate their value proposition with customers and define design priorities.

Need to carry out remote user research?

In this article I explain some strategies on how to address the challenges of running user research remotely: Remote user research: from adaptation to innovation

illustrations in a storyboard
The use of storyboards in online interviews, for example, can help us focus the conversation